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Fresh, delicious sausage with no preservatives.

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Address: 5888 Marshall Road
                  Avon, NY 14414

Phone: (585) 226-6285

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Our History

Tim Steele started Steele Sausage & Catering, Inc. in 2001 after working in the sausage business for nearly 30 years.  Tim, as a young boy, started his apprenticeship in a sausage shop in the small town of Lima.  The master sausage maker was from Europe where he owned many sausage shops and restaurants.  When he came to the United States  he brought with him recipes for many delicious sausages.  He taught Tim the secrets to making a lean, yet delicious sausage.  Tim then worked for another well known sausage shop and expanded his sausage making knowledge further.  After 16 years there, he decided to start his own company.

Tim has a very simple philosophy -  provide the best quality product at a reasonable price.  In sticking with this philosophy Steele Sausage & Catering does not use any fillers, additives or MSG.  We never use liquid smoke.  All smoked products are cooked in our smoke house.  All sausage is hand made and we mix our own spices to insure the quality that Steele Sausage & Catering has come to be known for.






















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